Firstdraft: Essay

Image of hand-made textile by Quishile, made with assistance from her Aaji. 5 metre long cotton, dyed with genda (marigolds) and stitched with shells across all four sides of the textile work. Textile is screen printed and block printed with archival images of Girmit, Girmitiya women and motifs. The textile is lying on the ground and is surrounded by white walls. Textile work: Your Woman is a Very Bad Woman, shown at Firstdraft in 2018.

Firstdraft Coming Soon 2021!

This new online essay will build off of our first essay, “Undoing History’s Spell on Bad Women: Counter-colonial narratives of the female Girmit role in the 1920 labour strike”, and interweave collective work as we meme it out. This essay will reflect on what it means to write our own history, the significance of giving back agency to our ancestors and acknowledge generational labour around knowledge production. Our ancestors and communities' physical labour has carried us to this point where we now have the privilege to translate these stories into writing, textiles, friendship and continue the legacy of Girmit resistance.

You can view Firstdraft's website here.