Fiji Baat

Fiji Baat logo. Background image is a hand-dyed textile with yellow and pink hues made by Quishile. There are graphics of white sugarcane shoots. Text in orange reads: Fiji Baat: Oral Histories & Interviews.

Fiji Baat: Oral Histories & Interviews

The Bad Fiji Gyals introduce Fiji Baat: Oral Histories & Interviews. This podcast serves as both an archive and community network for all Fijians to understand various histories, political movements and resistance that make us who we are today. This podcast values the lived experiences of those living and working in Fiji. We hope this podcast allows us to build solidarity and meaningful relationships with different communities and their lived realities under oppressive systems and supremacies. We honour all forms of resistance and activism, whether through craft, making, story-telling and the relationships we build and nurture.

This first series to launch Fiji Baat are conversations with Indo-Fijians working in different areas to learn more about who they are, on the ground work in Fiji and their identities in relation to their Girmit, or indentured labour, heritage and histories.

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Climate Crisis and Social Media Activism with Zakiyyah Ali

Image collage of Zakiyyah. Image of Zakiyyah smiling with a flower behind her ear. There are graphics of red and orange flowers, leaves and world globes around her. Upper right corner is an image of Alaa Salah during protests in Sudn. Lower left corner is an image of the ocean and beach. Upper left corner is text that reads: Zakiyyah Ali.

Masculinity and Contemporary Politics with Romitesh Kant

Image collage of Romitesh. Image of Romitesh looking down and smiling while holding a mic. There are graphics of hibiscus flowers and sugarcane around him. Lower left corner is a black and white archival image of a sugarcane field. Upper left corner is text that reads: Romitesh Kant.

Feminism and Human Rights Activism with Roshika Deo

Image collage of Roshika. Full length image of Roshika standing and holding a sign that reads: Why I march because change is possible. She is smiling and there are graphics of green plants and dalo leaves around her. Upper right corner is an image of the Reclaim the Night banner. Lower left corner is an image of a farm landscape. Upper left corner is text that reads: Roshika Deo.

Indo-Fijian Women in Sports: Colonial and Racial Stereotypes with Rohini Balram

Mustard yellow background. In the middle is an image collage of Rohini. Two full body images of Rohini running with two barbell weights on each side of collage. Graphics of mini weights and plants are surrounding Rohini. Upper left corner text reads: Rohini Balram.

Tamil Girmitiya Heritage and Queer Politics with Salvin Kumar

Image collage of Salvin. Close up image of Salvin looking towards the camera and smiling. Graphics of pink hibiscus flowers, rainbows and books are surrounding him. Upper right corner is an image of an adult and a child smiling and reading Fiji-Baat the book together. Lower left corner is an image of the cover art for Fiji-Baat the book. Upper left corner text reads: Salvin Kumar.

Quishile and Esha at The 13th Gwangju Biennale (South Korea)

Image collage. Images of Esha (right) and Quishile (left) smiling. In the middle is a text that reads: "Gwangju Biennale Special". Background is colourful with graphics of leaves and machete knives, and images of dried flowers and tropical leaves.