Fiji Baat

Fiji Baat: Oral Histories & Interviews

The Bad Fiji Gyals introduce Fiji Baat: Oral Histories & Interviews. This podcast serves as both an archive and community network for all Fijians to understand various histories, political movements and resistance that make us who we are today. This podcast values the lived experiences of those living and working in Fiji. We hope this podcast allows us to build solidarity and meaningful relationships with different communities and their lived realities under oppressive systems and supremacies. We honour all forms of resistance and activism, whether through craft, making, story-telling and the relationships we build and nurture.

This first series to launch Fiji Baat are conversations with Indo-Fijians working in different areas to learn more about who they are, on the ground work in Fiji and their identities in relation to their Girmit, or indentured labour, heritage and histories.

Climate Crisis and Social Media Activism with Zakiyyah Ali

Masculinity and Contemporary Politics with Romitesh Kant

Feminism and Human Rights Activism with Roshika Deo