Climate Crisis and Social Media Activism with Zakiyyah Ali

Image collage of Zakiyyah. Image of Zakiyyah smiling with a flower behind her ear. There are graphics of red and orange flowers, leaves and world globes around her. Upper right corner is an image of Alaa Salah during protests in Sudn. Lower left corner is an image of the ocean and beach. Upper left corner is text that reads: Zakiyyah Ali.


About Zakiyyah

My name is Zakiyyah Ali and I am 23 years old. I call Fiji home and study at the University of the South Pacific where I am pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Economics. As a feminist I am passionate about social, racial and environmental justice. To that end, my advocacy experiences include World Bank ‘Panel on Healthy Oceans’, International Dialogue on Migration 2019 discussions on “Enabling Youth to Overcome Environmental Challenges” and dialogue on Youth and Climate Crisis at the UN SG’s Panel as well as social media advocacy on the Indo-Fijian identity. I believe we must dismantle oppressive systems that have perpetuated the Climate Crisis and inequality and in pushing for radical change, we must adopt a stance that is non-colonial and anti-capitalist.

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