Feminism and Human Rights Activism with Roshika Deo

Image collage of Roshika. Full length image of Roshika standing and holding a sign that reads: Why I march because change is possible. She is smiling and there are graphics of green plants and dalo leaves around her. Upper right corner is an image of the Reclaim the Night banner. Lower left corner is an image of a farm landscape. Upper left corner is text that reads: Roshika Deo.


About Roshika

Roshika Deo is a feminist activist working in the social development and human rights sector. She is globally recognized for her work and has initiated several feminist and human rights advocacies in the region like One Billion Rising, Take Back the Streets, Vagina Monologues and A Feminist Internet. She has a legal and political science education background. She is a Girmitya descendant who is currently learning more about the Girmit history and decolonisation. Most days she is busy smashing patriarchy.

Also available on YouTube