Undoing History's Spell on Bad Women: Essay

Essay cover and title. Background with green and purple sugarcane shoots. Block of dark green text box with text that reads: Undoing History's Spell on Bad Women. Two large vectors of machete knives are placed under and over the title.

Coolie Cut Cane

Maroon background with bold gold font that says: Coolie Cut Cane. Gold sugarcane motifs are on either side of the text. A golden scroll paper motif is above and below the bold text. The scroll paper motift above has text inside that reads: 2021. The scroll paper motift below reads: Esha Pillay and Quishile Charan.

SEVENTH Gallery Exhibition

Image of textile-making by Quishile. A brown banner is laid out with red lettering and light beige block prints of machete knives. Embroidery in progress of two hands crossed in embroidery hoop is next to the banner in the upper right corner.

13th Gwangju Biennale

Image collage. Images of Esha (right) and Quishile (left) smiling. In the middle is a text that reads: "Gwangju Biennale Special". Background is colourful with graphics of leaves and machete knives, and images of dried flowers and tropical leaves.