Undoing History's Spell on Bad Women: Essay

Essay cover and title. Background with green and purple sugarcane shoots. Block of dark green text box with text that reads: Undoing History's Spell on Bad Women. Two large vectors of machete knives are placed under and over the title.

Essay — Undoing History’s Spell on Bad Women: Counter-colonial narratives of the female Girmit role in the 1920 labour strike by Esha Pillay and Quishile Charan, November 2019

The research surrounding the 1920 labour strike in Suva, Fiji is presented in this online essay as a shared labour between Esha Pillay and Quishile Charan. This collaboration is a form of building friendship, maintaining a contemporary undertaking of resistance tactics led by Girmitiya women, and descendants, and pooling the few resources at our disposal. The research and writing of this essay flips the dominant narrative, breaks down both white supremacy and Brahmanical supremacy and honours all forms of Girmit resistance.

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